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template n : a model or standard for making comparisons [syn: templet, guide]

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Probably from templet (diminutive of temple).



  1. a model or pattern used for making multiple copies of a single object


a model or pattern used for making multiple copies of a single object

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Template may mean:
  • a stencil, pattern or overlay used in graphic arts (drawing, painting, etc) and sewing to replicate letters, shapes or designs
  • a pre-developed page layout in electronic or paper media used to create new pages from the same design, pattern, or style
  • Form letter, a standard letter in electronic or paper media used many times with details for individual recipients added

Computer science and information technology


Molecular genetics

  • a strand of DNA which sets the genetic sequence of new strands
  • a strand of RNA which translates genes into proteins


  • Template (racing), a device used in car racing to ensure that the body of the race vehicle adheres to specifications
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